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We have to work together as an "ecosystem" in order to prevent dangerous consequences of climate change, ensure security, and address climate-related migration. Michael Rademaker, Deputy Director of The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies, in this video stresses why collaboration at the climate-security interface is urgently needed. Recorded in The Hague at the Planetary Security Conference 2016 from 5-6 December.

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"The problem with most of the challenges world-wide regarding security and in the form they appear is that there is nobody capable of solving it alone. So the most important part of it is that we understand it altogether, that we should organize what we call ecosystems to work together and have all the different capacities of stakeholders brought in a very effective way, mitigating those kind of risks. So it is about ecosystems, not about single solutions by single entities anymore.
What we actually try to do and organize in February next year for the Netherlands ministry of Defense is what we call the “Future Force Conference 2017”, where we ask all kind of different organizations to organize during that conference break outs on different topics related to security. We have one on youth development, we have one on smart and secure cities, we have one on natural resources and security nexus, all multi-stakeholder, all very interactive, all with a deliverable at the end. Because we do not know exactly what kind of solutions there are but altogether we might be able to find solutions and be actionable upon it."