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As a risk multiplier, climate change demands a coordinated approach to mitigate compound crises. Miroslav Jenca, Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs at the UN, explains how different UN bodies are working together to address climate change, taking into account the varying needs of different regions, as well as their social, economic and political conditions.

"Climate change is a risk multiplier. So we need to look at each country, each region from different perspectives and take all the factors together: development, economic, social, political, and climate change is one of them that can contribute to conflict, to crisis, to the deterioration of the situation. And from that perspective it is also important that the response is holistic. That it is taking into account different areas.

So we are looking at data, at analysis and analysis is extremely important in order to better understand what is happening and to address the challenges. This is why we created a climate security mechanism in the UN Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs. And we are working together with the United Nations Environment Programme and the United Nations Development Programme. So putting together different parts of the United Nations, different pillars, working together because what is needed is this coordinated approach."