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In this video, Cherie Rosenblum explains why the use of gaming techniques appears to be a powerful tool for diplomats and policy makers. Inside a gaming environment, Rosenblum says, they can better understand the actual impacts of certain policies and therefore make better informed decisions. Rosenblum is the Executive Director of the CNA Military Advisory Board.

"I am Cherie Rosenblum, I am the Executive Director of the CNA Military Advisory Board. I am pleased to be here today.

One of the things that we are working on, on this issue, has really been looking at food, water, and climate security gaming. We have found that using gaming techniques from traditional serious games has been an excellent way at helping decision makers really understand the impact of their policy making.

By putting them in a gaming environment where they can see the impacts of climate and understand how those impacts drive their economies, their livelihoods as well as actual natural security impacts, they are able to make better and stronger policy decisions. So gaming has been a very powerful tool for all of these policy makers."