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Roughly 15 million people are displaced every year by climate and weather related disasters. This year much of that displacement will take place against the backdrop of a pandemic. This talk explores how the coronavirus pandemic collides with current patterns of climate-linked migration and displacement, and what this new situation means for the people most at risk. The session will explore locations that are particularly at risk, and examine the contexts in which these global crises coverage. 


Presenter - Alex Randall

Alex is a leading specialist in the connections between climate change, migration and conflict. He is programme manager at the Climate and Migration Coalition. He has been working on issues around climate, migration and human rights for 15 years. He advises a number of key international agencies and governments on their responses to climate-linked migration and displacement. Alex has also served on the steering group of the Nansen Initiative and Platform on Disaster Displacement. Alex has written extensively on climate change and migration for the Guardian, Le Monde Diplomatique, New Internationalist, Prospect and numerous other outlets. He is the author of a number of book chapters focusing on the connections between climate change and the rights of refugees and migrants.